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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. This blog aims to be a compilation of travel, work and cultural experiences of living abroad over the last ten years in Italy, India and Spain.

I’m a Bachelor in International Business from Monterrey Institute of Technology. For a few years after graduating  I worked in different trade associations in Monterrey before moving to Milan to study my MBA. A few months after I got an invitation to work as a Marketing & Economics lecturer in Bangalore, where I lived for over a year before moving back to Rome in the mobile entertainment industry. Over that time I was promoted and transferred to Madrid where I lived for some years. During that time I had a short stay back in Mumbai as a consultant for a company within my sector.

As a fun fact, my current company based in Spain expatriated me to my own country, for which I moved to Mexico City where I’m currently based. This opportunity is a chance for me to reconnect, travel and appreciate with a different perspective the beautiful things that my country has to offer.

My personal projects are managed through Moksha Digital and I am webmaster of several websites like Madrid Low Cost.


Feel free to reach out for personal or professional projects:




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