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Playa del Carmen

Special mention on this post to my friend Lorena who manages personalized travel plans, literally for any spot on the planet. Please make sure you reach her if you’re planning to travel specially around Mexico, so she can recommend the best restaurants and activities based on your budget or tastes. So, taking on a friend’s […]

Plaza mayor caceres


Taking on an invitation of a very good friend of mine I visited a very beautiful city in Spain. Cáceres is a city located in the region of Extremadura in Spain, it was founded by the Romans in 5 BC. The first stop was a marvelous viewpoint Mirador del Santuario where the statue of the […]

Cigarretes per adult per day

Smoking Like a Turk

One of the things I first noticed in Italy was that people smoked a lot. It turns out that from my perspective, being Mexican, it is true that the rates of cigarette consumption are higher than where I come from. Additionally, being a non smoker it’s sometimes a big problem because tobacco kills nearly 6 […]

The Barilla Scandal

I’ve been concerned lately about how and why in the world we think we’re more knowledgeable and informed just for the fact that we are exposed to thousands of stimuli in the digital world that in my opinion are just making us more ignorant simply because we’re becoming lazy to think, letting others think for […]

Doing The Right Things

Story short, I want to buy a scooter. The details? I must go through hell to do so. Truth is that unfortunately the more bureaucratic a country is, the more the people try to get around procedures to achieve what they need. These going-around is not necessarily illegal, but not the right thing either. In […]

Demonstrations in Turkey

In May 2013 a wave of demonstrations sparkled in Istanbul as a result of urban development plans for the Taksim Gezi Park. Protests became violent as anger unfolded into a wider range of civil concerns freedom of the press, of expression, assembly, and the government’s encroachment on Turkey’s secularism. I happened to be in Istanbul for […]

Davide is O.K.

I woke up in the middle of the night as the neighboors next door were calling for help, as David, on of their sons I presume, was not feeling well. While listening to the debate weather them calling an ambulance or not, I took a book I’m reading called “Ganesha on the Dashboad”  by V. […]


Don’t Mess With Texas

Last weekend, while in Mexico for my summer “break”, I visited my best friend who got married a couple of months ago and lives in San Antonio, Tx. What was really curious was that I felt like an alien in a context that was a normal and ordinary thing since for many years I went […]

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