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¿Cómo será la movilidad en las ciudades del futuro?

La tecnología y el futuro del medio ambiente van más allá del costo económico que percibimos, como el la gasolina, ya que eso ignora el impacto y el deterioro real del medio ambiente y nuestra calidad de vida. Del sentido de propiedad al sentido del acceso Soy creyente que nuestra generación es el punto de […]

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Where does the Italian saying “Smoking Like a Turk” comes from?

One of the things I first noticed in Italy was that people smoked a lot. Although they have this phrase “Smoking like a Turk”. ¿Who smokes the most? Additionally, being a non smoker it’s sometimes a big problem because tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year, from which 600,000 are the result of non-smokers […]

I’m Only Happy When it Rains

I love Sundays, and I find a quiet rainy one particularly special, I’m happy when it rains. Today I woke up not late (around noon, you judge) after a nice evening with a Mx friend walking around a very popular zone in the East of Rome  and then to a “centro sociale” near the main […]

Bank Holidays and Supermarkets

When I first arrived to Milan in 2009 I went out on a Sunday to buy some groceries, I walked a few hundred meters down the neighborhood just to find out that bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, and everything else was closed. I wondered that since I didn’t had a TV I must have missed the news […]

The Indian Dream: GDP & Economic Growth

“All men are created equal… endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights… including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” These are the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence of the USA and the hope of development and prosperity. Since I have been living in India my view of the world has changed dramatically […]

¿Indio o Hindú?

Antes de venir a India nunca me había cuestionado porqué a la gente nacida aquí les llamamos en Español “Hindús“. El término Hindú se refiere realmente a quienes profesan las tradiciones “religiosas” del Hinduismo, y digo “religiosas” porque técnicamente el Hinduismo no es una religión, pero eso es otro tema. Una de las razones que […]

Euro Crisis: Is Italy too big to be rescued?

I was curious to visualize the size of the rescued economies in Europe considering the current crisis turmoil about Italian debt, which by the way represents the biggest challenge so far in the Euro crisis. Just to start, take a look at the size GDP (in USD) of the following countries: *Google Public Data Explorer […]

Taxi Prices at Bangalore’s Airport? Just walk to save!

How much to pay for a taxi? This is when expat tips come handy so you don’t get ripped off. I realized today that it´s been just the second time I arrive to Bangalore through airport. Since the first time the company taxi picked me I didn´t noticed this… here is a little chart to […]

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