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Security Checks in India

As per historic terrorists events in India  security has increased over the years. Measures have brought though , if figures are real, positive results. However for an average western it could still be a bit shocking to see security checks in normal day to day activities, like when you go… To the supermarket To the […]

Postcards from Mumbai: My return to India

Back in 2015, I quit my job in Madrid because I needed a break and some time to think. Luckily I have good friends and business connections in India from my time living in Bangalore, for which I decided to move there for a few months while working on a project related to my sector. […]

Gifts from India & México: Santa Claus is there!

Indian & Mexican Santa Claus just came into Italy with gifts. The best way to feel a bit at home! Expat, digital nomad, or whatever its called, I’ve been living in different countries and cities over the last 12 years. One of the best parts is to get gifts from abroad to make you feel […]

The Road For Coffee: Challenges of Living in India

Thinking on getting a break for an afternoon coffee in India might not be the smartest idea, yet it can certainly be a fun one… Find a few obstacles right off the office…   In India people are very warm and gentle, they can easily offer a ride to a stranger who needs help to […]

Indian Week: Met in Bangalore, reunited in Rome

This week is randomly particular (and fun) because my best friend in Bangalore visited me in Rome and we were around together with his girlfriend and my ex-roommate from India who now works here as well. On Thursday I have another friend from Paris, who I met in Bangalore as well, coming to spend some […]

Gender Nonsense: A view on India’s sex ratio disparity

The figures from the last census in India point to an imbalanced sex ratio that in this country there were 109 males for every 100 females under the age of six, up from 107 in 2001… and increasing. The imbalanced sex ratio in India calls my attention because having a male son is very important […]

Airtel Broadband Service in India: A Love & Funny Story

It took five weeks for Airtel, the supposedly most reliable mobile and broadband service company in India, to connect Internet in my house when I moved there last year. The day Airtel finally came (on a Friday around 9:30 PM), there were five technicians in my living room… one was holding the computer, one was […]

The Indian Dream: GDP & Economic Growth

“All men are created equal… endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights… including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” These are the ideas behind the Declaration of Independence of the USA and the hope of development and prosperity. Since I have been living in India my view of the world has changed dramatically […]

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