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Euro Crisis: Is Italy too big to be rescued?

I was curious to visualize the size of the rescued economies in Europe considering the current crisis turmoil about Italian debt, which by the way represents the biggest challenge so far in the Euro crisis. Just to start, take a look at the size GDP (in USD) of the following countries: *Google Public Data Explorer […]

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Best Ice Cream in Madrid: 7 Gelato Shops Recommended by Italians

Having an original Italian gelato is always a good idea, and much more if you can enjoy it walking around Madrid. To make this selection, I went on checking out with my friends from Italians Facebook Group in Madrid to know their favorite places. These are the ABSOLUTE winners: 1. Gelato Lab Christian and his […]

cómo usar la cafetera italiana

¿Cuáles son las partes de la cafetera y cómo preparar el café a la Italiana?

Para preparar un buen café debemos conocer las partes cafetera italiana. Aquí te cuento cómo se prepara el café en los hogares Italianos con “la moka”, la cafetera italiana Aquí entontrás todo lo que necesitas saber sobre las partes de la cafetera italiana y preparar el café en la misma manera que lo preparan en […]

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Ernesto Ibarra – Bio

I help my friends and clients grow by managing their Websites, SEO, Social Media Communities, Content Monetization, Google AdWords, and Influencer Marketing Campaigns. How did I got to digital marketing? This is my story… I am Ernesto Ibarra Guajardo, Bachelor in International Business from Monterrey Institute of Technology. For a few years after graduating  I […]

Sicily west coast roadtrip landing in Palermo

I lived in Italy for four years, surely one of the most emblematic regions is Sicily, where I have a very good friend living in the south. However the last time I went we met in Palermo in order to make a roadtrip down to Ispica. This is a short story of our tour with […]

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Where does the Italian saying “Smoking Like a Turk” comes from?

One of the things I first noticed in Italy was that people smoked a lot. Although they have this phrase “Smoking like a Turk”. ¿Who smokes the most? Additionally, being a non smoker it’s sometimes a big problem because tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year, from which 600,000 are the result of non-smokers […]

The Barilla Scandal

I’ve been concerned lately about how and why in the world we think we’re more knowledgeable and informed just for the fact that we are exposed to thousands of stimuli in the digital world that in my opinion are just making us more ignorant simply because we’re becoming lazy to think, letting others think for […]

Gifts from India & México: Santa Claus is there!

Indian & Mexican Santa Claus just came into Italy with gifts. The best way to feel a bit at home! Expat, digital nomad, or whatever its called, I’ve been living in different countries and cities over the last 12 years. One of the best parts is to get gifts from abroad to make you feel […]

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