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2017: September’s Shake in Mexico City

Among all the events that happened during last month’s earthquake in Mexico City, one of the stories that hurt me the most was a building that collapsed with dozens of textile workers in the downtown area. After a few days of the events, rescue teams had “officially” found 21 bodies, out of which only five […]

Tepoztlán, ideal for a relaxing getaway weekend near México City

A great suggestion when in Mexico City is to visit Tepoztlán, small and cozy town in the beautiful state of Morelos. Tepoztlán is as small as 14k inhabitants, although there are other towns nearby that are connected in many ways making the greater region somewhat about 41k. The town is magical and charming, great weather, […]

Gifts from India & México: Santa Claus is there!

Indian & Mexican Santa Claus just came into Italy with gifts. The best way to feel a bit at home! Expat, digital nomad, or whatever its called, I’ve been living in different countries and cities over the last 12 years. One of the best parts is to get gifts from abroad to make you feel […]

Differences in safety in Bangalore vs Monterrey, México

I think one of the things I have wrongly taken for granted the most in India is its safety, at least in Bangalore where I have spent the last year. As a foreigner, I can say I feel way safer in Bangalore than in Monterrey. It must be said that the same doesn’t apply in […]

El video sobre el racismo que se hizo viral en Mexico

El video Viral Racismo en México y me parece un claro ejemplo de manipulación de opinión pública. Doy mis argumentos desde un punto de vista de Marketing. ¿Existe el racismo en México? Definitivamente la manera en la que han conducido este video no ayuda a determinarlo. En este post explico porqué. Cuando alguien realiza un […]

Hot as México, Spicy as India: Difference between hot & spicy

It is no coincidence that the words “hot” and “spicy” are phonetically different, and this is because they also happen to have different meanings. Hot vs Spicy Especially in India for obvious reasons is a recurrent conversation and people normally ask me if I’m used to Indian food because it is spicy as Mexican. Spicy […]

Terrorism in India and the Drug “War” in Mexico

Due to the situation in Mexico with the drug cartel’s war, I developed a bad habit of comparing terrorism deaths between countries, in this case, India. This kind of unfortunate events help me dimension the magnitude of the problem in my country, just to realize the situation in México is so delicate. Looking at a […]

Why the drug conflict in México is NOT a WAR

The most broadly used slogan to refer to the campaign against crime in México is “Lucha Anti Narco”, which literally means “Fight Against Mafia”. Why is the drug conflict in México not really a war? Well, because if you look in a dictionary, the most common meanings you will find are the following… War (wôr) […]

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