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About Me

I’m an expert in digital marketing and international business. But it’s not me who says it…

My friends an clients come to me to ask about strategy, performance, acquisition, Google, Social Networks, Affiliation, WordPress, Community Management and lately Influencer Marketing. How did I got here?

This is my story…

I am Ernesto Ibarra Guajardo, Bachelor in International Business from Monterrey Institute of Technology. For a few years after graduating  I worked in trade associations in Monterrey in the machine tool and manufacturing industry before moving to Italy to study an MBA at Politecnico di Milano’s Business School MIP.

After concluding my studies abroad I got an invitation to work as a Marketing & Economics lecturer in Bangalore. I lived in India for over a year before moving back to Rome to work in the mobile entertainment industry.

Over that time I was promoted and transferred to Madrid where I lived for some years. During that time I moved to Mumbai for a short period to work as a consultant for an Indian company.

In 2017 I moved to Mexico City expatriated by a Spanish company. This opportunity was a chance for me to reconnect, travel, appreciate my country from an outsider perspective and make great business connections.

In early 2018 I came back to Madrid, my favourite city in the world, where  freelance as a Mobile Marketing & Digital Acquisition Consultant. My full time job though is Reech, a French based influencer marketing agency currently undergoing European expansion.

I am also webmaster & growth hacker of Madrid Low Cost (a travel and leisure online community), as well as Mundo Godinez (online Facbook community in México with over 1,7 million followers).

You read my story, I’d like to hear yours.

Feel free to reach out and connect:

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