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Best Tapas Bars in Salamanca Spain recommended by locals

La Parrillita, salamanca

In this post, I’ll share the Best Tapas in Salamanca Spain recommended by my local friends

Salamanca is very famous for tapas in Spain. Anyone you ask anywhere in the country will definitively name it as a place to go to for a truly gastronomic experience.

An important piece of information you may want to consider if traveling to Salamanca is that it has a population that varies a lot throughout the year since it’s a student city.

Data shows a population of 250,000 inhabitants, whereas this figure can drop to half during the school vacation period.

I suggest finding a place in the city center, near Plaza Mayor. This way you’ll be able to take naps between lunch and dinner… for example.


We started here our tour of the best tapas places in Salamanca.

Firstly, near Plaza Mayor you will find Bambú, a typical place for eating pincho de tortilla, a very creamy and delicious version that goes along perfectly with a good glass of wine… or beer.


El Minutejo

Next, another typical place in Salamanca is Mesón El Minutejo in Calle Van Dyck, 55.

I’d say this is more a trendy hipsterish place with very affordable prices and awesome food.

Have a look at the menu…

Our picks were queso de cabra con arándanos (goat cheese with cranberries), tosta de jamón and the famous Minutejo, a small montadito with cured ham, pork tenderloin and cheese. Total must!

La Parrilla

Close to El Minutejo you’ll find La Parrilla. Since I had been before to Salamanca I’ve known this place so it was our longest pit stop to try all varieties of pinchos.


The grill, where the magic happens…

Let’s start some classic pinchos morunos

And now, a close look with to solomillo a la mostaza (beef tenderloin with a sweet mustard sauce)…

It seems we’re liking this place. Why not continue with another iconic classic pincho de costilla (ribs pinch) at La Parrilla?

And lomo con queso, sitting right there at the back…


We move on and right in front of La Parrilla there’s Churrasco, it’s famous pincho is ribs

I missed the picture here, or perhaps we had had enough eating on Van Dyck street…

Bar La Viga

Our final stop on our best tapas places in Salamanca before coming back to Madrid was Bar la Viga.

This place is famous for various typical dishes from Salamanca like chanfaina salmantina, patatas meneas, callos, morro rebozado, etc

Beer is always a good start…

One of the first picks suggested was lomo de cerdo (marinated tenderloin)…

Another speciality is lengua estofada (might be translated as pork tongue stew, but I’m not sure)

Upper view…

Next we had what chanfaina, described to us by locals as Salamanca paella.

Chanfaina can be prepared with a variety of ingredients amongst lamb, cooked blood, liver, guts, onion, garlic and spices. Make sure to save some bread for dipping this out.

Bar La Viga is mostly famous for their jeta asada, that could be something as grilled pork cheek. To me it was a kind of torrezno (which is fried pancetta), perhaps a bit too dry for my taste, but interesting to try.

Survival tip… In Salamanca is always lunch time. It’s very rare to find typical sweet breakfast, not saying there aren’t. +

But what’s the point of having sweet breakfast when you can have pincho de tortilla, eggs and bacon… along with coffee… so Spanish!

Walking tour?… you’ll need it if you eat all day as we did…

For more information on best tapa places in Salamanca, please visit their official website:

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