There’s so much beauty all over this space, but it’s all dark
So much love to share, but seems to be outshone by hate
We left a thousand words left unsaid
Because you walked away before I had the chance to say hello

I walk the road back home, while the world turns
And takes me back to where I started
I draw your smile up in the sky
And try to blow the clouds away to stop this pouring rain

There are so many things I’m sure you’d change in me
Many secrets waiting patiently to be unveiled
You left with my last breathe and I miss it now so bad to scream I’m here
And try to explain how much I miss you so it’s true…

I got now a lot of time to regret what I’ve done,
If you could only take the time to read my words
There are a lot of things to live (and die) for
We just fail to see and decide to turn our backs on them…

– Ernst Kappa

January 1, 2009

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