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Burning bridges without looking back This is the story, this is the past Hurt by old bruises and the courage I lack Hurt by old bruises, but bruises at last Stop for a second and you’ll be surprised The world won’t collapse if you only slow down The world won’t collapse but you fear being […]


Intermittent fraction of time It gets into my head, right into the spine Humiliating friction, broken jaw Involuntary nervous contraction, hyper stressed Motor vocal transmission Auto diagnosis at its best I haven’t’ got anyone’s permission This limbo starts feeling like home Auto medication, I’m off Autopilot mode, it’s OK Right into my head, right into […]


Would it hurt you to walk inside an empty room Do you have a clue of what we’ve done to get us here Should we write the lines of the plans we plan to make Like it or not it’s more or less what everyone else does Now you have your doubts and that confuses […]


I want to find you, we’re getting older Without yet knowing each other I want to find you and not being afraid to I’m coming naked, pure soul and mind Let’s make the spark and meet us at last In the middle of nowhere, in the city, in the metro When we’ll be together we’ll […]


It wasn’t planned, so it had no real start No reason to happen, but yet we had it all We stole from each other, stole all but the soul If it wasn’t fire, why am I then burned out? So close to each other, with our minds orbiting away Attract what is opposite, and then […]


This lonely night there is one thing that I’ll confess I collect dreams, both beautiful and sad, I keep a lot of them Some are from things I’ve always wanted them to happen And some of things I’ve always feared and hope they never will Many times we just take things as raw and plain […]

Celestial Fountains (New Year’s Eve)

Meet me down the road right across the church where we turned our backs to all that could have been And promised never looking back, ’till we found ourselves And make our way back home… together Between the ruins of broken hearts, imperial streets and catacombs Inside the walls of all these doubts we drown […]

Train to Mumbai

I wish I could see the world through your eyes, it might help me understand you I changed for good and tried to get closer to you, but seems useless as before Because I don’t think you know what it means to be in love with someone like you Time can’t be wasted when it […]

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