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Negotiating Cleaning Services in India

Having cleaning services is very common here in India, like a maid or a cook… or both, it is quite affordable.

It is also true that people from Monterrey (my hometown in Mexico) are said to be cheap. But in my defense, I don´t see why I should have someone over to clean twice a week because I´m just not that messy.

However, I must admit that it could be more the fact that they come at 6 am and I am in no way willing to wake up that early more than once a week.

So I got in touch with a maid with great references that normally cleans at least a couple of times a week and gets paid 2,000 rupees a month (By the way, 2k rs are about $45 USD, but hey, I don´t earn dollars I earn rupees!).

In fact, I heard of maids that clean up to 5 times a week for the same amount, hence, regardless of the amount of labor the target is always the same.

Whether my acquaintances are more affluent than me, lazier or dirtier, I don´t know. But here is what I proposed to her…

Evidently, I don´t expect maids to master the concept of marginal profit per unit of labor per unit of time, but I thought that simple math (dividing by two) was actually simple.

Anyway, back to my problem, she refused the offer…

Cleaning lady, anyone???

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