Hello Milano

This is how a new chapter in my life began
The world would end, they said, because some stupid swine disease
No class would ever start at 9, you know Italians they’re always late
With all this fashion and design is really hard to concentrate,

And I would like to visit all my friends around the world
In Argentina tango night and in Colombia sniff some coke
In Chile and in Peru Sdogati says that pisco is really good
In Iran I would dig black gold, get rich and marry a lot of girls!

And I want to say HELLO MILAN!
I want to run naked around Duomo tonight
A nice aperitivo with the class near Sempione Park
In Piazza Duomo watch Inter win the triple championship

In USA I’ll buy a house with a very low interest rate
In India I’ll buy a tiny car and race around the Taj Majal
In Turkey I’ll make objections and stupid questions to everyone
In China I wouldn’t find my friends because they all look the same!

And I want to say HELLO MILAN!
And I want to spend my loan shopping in Duomo tonight
A prty in via Bronzino and drink the last drop of tomato sauce
And in La Scala sing this song and dance together reggaeton

In Brasil a caipirinha then Palestina and Vietnam
Montenegro I’ll cross by foot, in Bosnia I’ve heard the girls are cute
In Ukraine some vodka shots then go to Georgia and dance some folk
In Mexico the food is good, let’s drink tequila in Cancún!

And I want to say HELLO MILAN!
I want to run naked around Duomo tonight
A prty at Lambrate dorms after the business seminar
And in Miami drink red wine mangiando pizza under the sun!

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