This lonely night there is one thing that I’ll confess
I collect dreams, both beautiful and sad, I keep a lot of them
Some are from things I’ve always wanted them to happen
And some of things I’ve always feared and hope they never will

Many times we just take things as raw and plain as they could be
We never wonder, we never ask, we just accept, it’s how it is
But have you ever thought we might have a choice, we could have a say?
If you’d just stop and take a look, it’s all around, happening now

It might be weird, feels like a beat and you can even dance to it
You should not fear, this is better than a dream and chances are few
Where we come from, how we got here, should not be asked
Is every step, every desire and every blink that brought us here

You made your choices, made your mistakes and so I did mines
But we’ve come a long way, we made it through, we survived
In our own corner of this world we dealt our way with what we lost
Can’t change a thing, so don’t look back, let’s just decide where to go now

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    • Daniel
    • April 1, 2013

    So many paths.

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