Would it hurt you to walk inside an empty room
Do you have a clue of what we’ve done to get us here
Should we write the lines of the plans we plan to make
Like it or not it’s more or less what everyone else does

Now you have your doubts and that confuses me the most
Because I don’t even know what you believed in before
We’re walking in the dark waiting just to find ourselves
We’re dancing in the dark, waiting to see who will fall first

Life is about trust, and I trust finding the one who will help me up
We can ignore to talk, but we’d be left with just the way to lie
Maybe u can also get hurt and it’s you that would walk away this time
Could love save us or is what we’ll build that would keep us alive?

We’ve crossed a point we can’t ignore, not something we both adore
I want to find the light ahead of me, and not the shadow I left behind
It has been a ride with no regrets, but there’s a question we should ask
Walk away with no one harmed or risk it all to find the promised land

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