It’s quarter past five and I can’t wait for the daylight
This night looks like a sea and my life is sinking halfway
But why should you care, when your smile reflects the moonlight
I wonder if your green eyes had ever looked in my direction

And if I come by, would it be like it should have been?
Meet you by the lake and tell you how much I love you
Take you out for a late walk, and make it to the rock show
Say you’ll be there and I’ll run to you until my last breath

And if you’d come by, could it be like I have dreamed of?
Two glasses of wine, just to make it through the cold night
My mind plays your smile like my favorite song on shuffle
I believe that your green eyes gave the meaning to perfection

Oceans make me wonder if we’ll ever meet as I promised
Oceans wait patiently, while we decide to cross them
Take your time to write back, I’m really not in a hurry
‘Cause oceans may divide, but will never keep our feelings apart

Let’s pretend like if there was no tomorrow waiting for us
And if we fail, I’ll wait for the sunset and start over again…

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