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Don’t Mess With Texas

Last weekend, while in Mexico for my summer “break”, I visited my best friend who got married a couple of months ago and lives in San Antonio, Tx. What was really curious was that I felt like an alien in a context that was a normal and ordinary thing since for many years I went […]

Bank Holidays and Supermarkets

When I first arrived to Milan in 2009 I went out on a Sunday to buy some groceries, I walked a few hundred meters down the neighborhood just to find out that bars, supermarkets, pharmacies, and everything else was closed. I wondered that since I didn’t had a TV I must have missed the news […]

Phone Carriers Will Become Banks

I was recently thinking at this whole “consumerism” thing from the perspective of how easy it can get for people to buy stuff. Whereas one can carry an x amount of money in their pocket, let’s call it immediate disposable income, the dilemma for banks is obviously how much credit they can give to each […]

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The Story of how Coca-Cola invented Santa Claus

Contrary to what you might have expected to read here, I will start by saying that Santa Claus did exist… but not exactly as we know him on Coca-Cola ads The story of the concept of Santa Claus’ Coca-Cola (as we know it today) goes back to a Bishop that lived in the 4th century […]

A few updates about the Catholic Church…

I may respect religion as a set of rules and values, however the Church as an institution is a different story. “…in many European places where Catholicism remained all-powerful until say, 1960, the church is losing whatever remains of its grip on society at an accelerating pace.” In Ireland: “..a nine-year investigation found that thousands […]

Politecnico di Milano Artwork by Mariano Rigotti

Mariano Rigotti, a very good friend of mine made this masterpiece that comprises the year in our MBA program in Italy. He gave me the honor of writing a brief for it, so here is an image of the piece for everyone to enjoy… “Through a series of meaningful, brilliant and beautiful traces of his […]

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