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Karma is a Bitch

So, I’m finally issuing my driver’s license in Spain, there will be a dedicated post for this soon. In the meantime, it turns out I did my theory exam this morning and results should be published on the Traffic Department’s website like, now. However it seems my karma isn’t done with me yet (I drove a […]


Oktoberfest 2016, this was actually the third time I attended this event. If there is anything I can say about it is that you’ll get surprised how it can be a new adventure every time.   The first time I went I was living in Milan doing my MBA. We organized with a few friends […]

Postcards from Mumbai: My return to India

Back in 2015, I quit my job in Madrid because I needed a break and some time to think. Luckily I have good friends and business connections in India from my time living in Bangalore, for which I decided to move there for a few months while working on a project related to my sector. […]

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