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5 Delivery Options in Playa del Carmen

Plastic or cash? These are the most used apps, web, or phone-based delivery services in Playa del Carmen to get food, groceries, or medicines at your door!

You arrived to Playa del Carmen, went around recognizing the area, stores, restaurants, and suddenly you need a delivery service for food, pizza, or groceries delivered at your door. Who to call?

In this post, I’ll list the most commented options that I got from my friends Expats in Playa del Carmen that will work out weather you prefer app, web based services or just making a phone call.

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1. SHO

SHO PDC - Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo | Facebook

SHO Playa del Carmen is a lcoal company specialized in delivering food and other products.

Pros: You can order food and mostly any other product from supermarkets, over the counter medicines to retailers. This is not an app, which is not necessarily bad in order to avoid registration, credit card info, etc. Reach out through Facebook, Whatsapp, email or phone.

Cons: It’s not 24hrs service, in any case their schedule is quite broad from Monday to Friday from 7am to 11pm.

2. Te Hago el Paro

Te Hago el Paro by Jose Antonio Aguirre Munoz

Te Hago el Paro is another local company, however they do have an app based service. On their Facebook Page they describe themselves as a young company specialized in getting anything their customers need at very competitive cost. You can download the app here.

Pros: App based service & local company. They can delivery food & other products.

3. Playa Now

Playa Now is mostly a web based service where you can choose from more than 60 restaurants in town. What’s cool is that you can check out the menus, phones and open hours of the restaurants on their website. Keep in mind that regardless of the opening hours of the restaurants, the delivery service only works from 9:00 am – 12:00 am, which works anyway in most of the cases.

Pros: Fairly good amount of options for restaurants.

Cons: They deliver only food.

4. Playita Express

Playita Express | Servicio a Domicilio Restaurantes Playa del Carmen –  Restaurantes en Playa del Carmen, Servicio a domicilio, Delivery

Playita Express is another web based service that delivery from food to any other product. You can reach out on Facebook, Whatsapp and even Skype: playitaexpress

Pros: No app or registration required.

Cons: Food only and not a late night delivery service. Schedule is Monday 1pm to 10pm and Tuesday to Sunday 11am to 10:30pm.

5. Rappi

🛵 Playa del Carmen Home Food Delivery Services - All About Playa

Rappi is a Colombian delivery service that operates mainly in Latin America (equivalent to Uber Eats, DiDi Food, Glovo, etc.). You can download the app here.

Pros: Reliable service as it is a multinational tech-based company and you can earn points on each delivery to get future discounts. If you plan on being a heavy user you might as well consider the Prime service with unlimited deliveries.

Cons: Comments point out expensive delivery costs that can also be variable depending on the demand, wether conditions, etc.

Bonus: Walmart

Logo Walmart: la historia y el significado del logotipo, la marca y el  símbolo. | png, vector

Walmart offers same day delivery on their website.

Pros: You can choose whether Delivery or Pick-up, from groceries to any other product available in the store. There is a special . Plus, there are some exclusive online-only products to chose from. They also take orders via Whatsapp.

Cons: You have to create an account on their web. Whatsapp is only available in Spanish and you need a 10-digit local number.

Know any other delivery options Playa del Carmen? Drop me a comment and I’ll make sure to add it!

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