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Playa del Carmen

Special mention on this post to my friend Lorena who manages personalized travel plans, literally for any spot on the planet. Please make sure you reach her if you’re planning to travel specially around Mexico, so she can recommend the best restaurants and activities based on your budget or tastes. So, taking on a friend’s […]

propaganda cuba

Propaganda in Cuba

This post is dedicated to portrait perhaps the most shocking experience I had in my travel years which happened during my trip to Cuba. I’ve seen goods and bads all over, poverty, social discrimination, contrasts of any kind, but seeing propagada displayed like Coca-Cola advertisements really shook me off. Here are a few snapshots during […]


Metepec Weekend Getaway

For Easter long weekend I had the excuse that Rayados is playing tomorrow at Toluca, so I took the chance to visit and stay at Metepec. This little town has the category of one of Pueblos Mágicos de México and it’s characterized by its colonial architecture, food, colors and Mexican folklore. At the arrival first […]


Buenos Aires

I got myself into some business in Argentina and spent a few days in Buenos Aires, finally visiting South America even if just for a few days. With good advice from friends and colleagues I had a great time around eating and touring to some extent. Here are a few ideas to tour around the […]


Best Friends in Town

I spent 2017 living abroad in Mexico City enjoying the time for reconnecting with friends and family. This weekend was special because we had our friend Karla visiting from Playa del Carmen… this is the story including a few tips for eating, sightseeing and going around Mexico City. Started out with breakfast at Casa de […]


Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza

Most can recall the city of Puebla for a quite mainstream event in Mexican history, Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the victory of the Battle of Puebla over the French troops in 1862. The victory though was short lasted as the French ultimately defeated the Mexican army, captured Mexico City, and installed Emperor Maximilian I as ruler […]

Plaza mayor caceres


Taking on an invitation of a very good friend of mine I visited a very beautiful city in Spain. Cáceres is a city located in the region of Extremadura in Spain, it was founded by the Romans in 5 BC. The first stop was a marvelous viewpoint Mirador del Santuario where the statue of the […]

jadraque, guadalajara, tourism, living in spain, weekend, getaway


This weekend’s trip was to a town called Jadraque in the province of Guadalajara. The province, which is located in the region of Castilla y la Mancha owns its name to the Arab “wād al-ḥaŷarah” which means river that runs over stones.   The most representative landmark of the region is the medieval Castle of […]

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