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Best Ice Cream in Madrid: 7 Gelato Shops Recommended by Italians

Having an original Italian gelato is always a good idea, and much more if you can enjoy it walking around Madrid. To make this selection, I went on checking out with my friends from Italians Facebook Group in Madrid to know their favorite places. These are the ABSOLUTE winners:

1. Gelato Lab

Christian and his wife Ambra started this gelato project aiming to make a truly artisanal shop in April 2019. Small quantities of different flavors are made throughout the day to keep the product fresh. Their ingredients are sourced from small local suppliers instead of large multinationals.

Christian runs the gelateria on his own, this allows him to personalize the experience and answer all the questions that the customers may have.

The shop offers special flavors to satisfy vegan, diabetic, or lactose intolerant needs.

Gelato Lab

Address: Mercado de la Cebada local 37/38 planta baja IG: @GelatoLabMadrid

2. Zúccaru

Zúccaru means sugar in Sicilian dialect and his shop is a cult the the traditional Sicilian Gelateria.

Needless to say they use fresh ingredients and many of their flavors vary depending on the seasonality of the fruits themselves.

Their commitment with local economy is the reason they have a “Km 0” approach when it comes to suppliers.

This shop is the right place to enjoy the typical Sicilian Brioche Gelato.


Address: C/ Vergara, 16 – C/ Palafox 20 IG: @zuccaru_gelato

3. Eccolo

Eccolo open in Madrid in 2019 and its location makes it irresistible to have an Italian gelato when you’re near to Plaza del Sol. They offer a variety of flavors and yogurts with gluten-free options.


Address: C/ de la Cruz, 25  IG:

4. La Romana

La Romana dal 1947 has a historic tradition in Rimini that crossed Italian borders. They are one of the most mentioned places by Italians with a couple of franchised shops in Madrid.

La Romana

Address: Calle de San Bernardo, 96 & Paseo de la Habana, 27, 28036 Madrid

IG: @gelaterialaromana_es

5. Da Roma

Da Roma makes their gelato on a daily basis to guarantee the texture and creaminess.

Address: C/ Santa Engracia 155  IG: @gelateria_daroma

6. Labonata

This is the story of a Cuban and a Dutch guy who went to Madrid in 2009. Both had been well trained in The Netherlands and Italy and were about to reintroduce an ice-cream based on cream. They claim to be the best gelato in Madrid.

Address: Plaza de Chueca 8 IG: @heladeria_labonata/

7. Di Angelo

La Gelateria di Angelo - Arganzuela - Paseo de Yeserías 41

Di Angelo Gelateria offers daily fresh made gelato, reason why flavors vary throught the day, as well as according to the seasonality of fruits during the year. Here you will find special sugar, lactose, gluten-free alternatives.

Address: Paseo de Yeserías, 41 IG: @diangelogelateria/

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