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Top 5 Taquerías in Playa del Carmen (2022)

Need a break from seafood? Find out the best non-seafood tacos in Playa del Carmen loved by locals.

Despite being a coastal area, South-East Mexico is also well known for non-seafood taquerías in Playa del Carmen offering carnitas, poc-chuc, longaniza or chicharrón.

As a Tourist, Expat, or Digital Nomad, arriving at a new city in México and getting your way to the best tacos is not easy. I rely on sources, like taxi drivers, waiters, and locals I come across. Here are the best ones I found in Playa del Carmen!

1. Las de Asada

Las de Asada is definitively my top choice for non-seafood tacos in Playa del Carmen, huge variety of combinations.

My advice: taco de poc-chuch in a flour tortilla with cheese. You won’t’ regret it, guaranteed!

Directions to Las de Asada.

2. Los Ñero

Described by many as the best tacos al pastor in town, Los Ñero have a typical “chilango” style, meaning they follow the Mexico City recipe. Definitively a must non-seafood taquería you must visit while in Playa del Carmen.

Looking for the real deal, authentic, delicious, local tacos at ridiculously cheap prices? this is your place to go!

Tacos al pastor y suadero

They even claim you won’t pay if you don’t like them. Can’t resist that, can you?

Click to get directions to El Ñero in Playa del Carmen.

3. El Muñe

El Muñe Taquerías is located in Av. Solidaridad in what is called “the new downtown” of Playa del Carmen. My pick is definitively costras de queso.

Click to get directions

4. Cecina de Yecapixtla “La Carniza”

Just a block from the federal highway, Cecina de Yecapixtla “La Carniza” offers Cecina, Tasajo, longaniza, carne de cerdo enchilada y chicharrón, you name it. Packed place, great food to dine in or take out.

Directions to Cecina de Yecapixtla

5. El Gran Taco

Right across Centro Maya you’ll find this amazing taquería with great of options of “guisos” and tortilla types to chose from.

And if I may include a non-taco option, ode to these flautas!

Directions to El Gran Taco

Bonus: Carnitas Teresita

This is a top-rated carnitas place in Playa de Carmen. It’s a small, non fancy taco shop that you won’t regret going to.

Directions to Carnitas Teresita

Have more suggestions on non-seafood taquerías in Playa del Crmen? drop me an email at ibarra.ernesto@gmail.com

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