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Coca-Conomía: El consumo de Coca-Cola y la obesidad infantil

Es por todos bien sabido que México tiene los índices de obesidad infantil más altos del todo el mundo, lo cual no sorprende cuando se sabe también que somos el consumidor más grande per capita de Coca-Cola. Ambas cosas parecen absurdas dado que somos un país donde 40 millones de mexicanos viven en la pobreza […]

people smoking outside an italian bar

Where does the Italian saying “Smoking Like a Turk” comes from?

One of the things I first noticed in Italy was that people smoked a lot. Although they have this phrase “Smoking like a Turk”. ¿Who smokes the most? Additionally, being a non smoker it’s sometimes a big problem because tobacco kills nearly 6 million people each year, from which 600,000 are the result of non-smokers […]

The Barilla Scandal

I’ve been concerned lately about how and why in the world we think we’re more knowledgeable and informed just for the fact that we are exposed to thousands of stimuli in the digital world that in my opinion are just making us more ignorant simply because we’re becoming lazy to think, letting others think for […]

Demonstrations in Istanbul for the Taksim Gezi Park

In May 2013 a wave of demonstrations sparkled in Istanbul, Turkey as a result of urban development plans for the Taksim Gezi Park. Demonstrations in Istanbul’s Taksim Gezi Park became violent as anger unfolded into a wider range of civil concerns freedom of the press, of expression, assembly, and the government’s encroachment on Turkey’s secularism. […]

A Japanese Lesson

Today as I was coming back home something very interesting happened, one of those learnings from living abroad. It was around 11:00pm, I get on the bus, which has half empty, and a Japanese guy (tourist I suppose) came down from the back seats all the way to the driver and stood up next to […]

I’m Only Happy When it Rains

I love Sundays, and I find a quiet rainy one particularly special, I’m happy when it rains. Today I woke up not late (around noon, you judge) after a nice evening with a Mx friend walking around a very popular zone in the East of Rome  and then to a “centro sociale” near the main […]

Davide is O.K.

I woke up in the middle of the night as the neighboors next door were calling for help, as David, on of their sons I presume, was not feeling well. While listening to the debate weather them calling an ambulance or not, I took a book I’m reading called “Ganesha on the Dashboad”  by V. […]

Don’t Mess With Texas

Last weekend, while in Mexico for my summer “break”, I visited my best friend who got married a couple of months ago and lives in San Antonio, Tx. What was really curious was that I felt like an alien in a context that was a normal and ordinary thing since for many years I went […]

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