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spotify vs tidal review

¿Spotify vs Tidal? Pros & Cons I Noticed When I Switched

Tidal vs. Spotify: Pros and Cons Giving up on Spotify’s Weekly Discover and my yearly Wrapped wasn’t an easy choice. But I had the opportunity of trying Tidal and this is a summary of the aspects I’ve found out after a few weeks of switching from Spotify to Tidal. How are they alike? Both services […]

coche bus bici

¿Cómo será la movilidad en las ciudades del futuro?

La tecnología y el futuro del medio ambiente van más allá del costo económico que percibimos, como el la gasolina, ya que eso ignora el impacto y el deterioro real del medio ambiente y nuestra calidad de vida. Del sentido de propiedad al sentido del acceso Soy creyente que nuestra generación es el punto de […]

facebook ernst kappa

¿Cómo proteger la privacidad de tus datos en Facebook?

El escándalo de filtración de datos de Facebook es algo que compete a todo ciudadano y usuario que navega en línea. En este post voy a exlicar qué paso y lo qué puedes hacer al respecto. Si bien es cierto que la información se fragmenta, al mismo tiempo esto representa una oportunidad para quienes logren […]

costureras, df, sismo

2017: September’s Shake in Mexico City

Among all the events that happened during last month’s earthquake in Mexico City, one of the stories that hurt me the most was a building that collapsed with dozens of textile workers in the downtown area. After a few days of the events, rescue teams had “officially” found 21 bodies, out of which only five […]

cobros ocultos en línea

¿Cómo Identificar Cobros Ocultos en Volaris?

Aquí encontrarás cómo identificar cobros ocultos y trucos que utiliza Volaris para cobrar hasta 20% más en gastos “opcionales” El e-commerce y los flujos de compra son muchas veneces engañosos e incluso a propósito. Las empresas buscan generar un ingreso extra con trucos y cobros ocultos. En este caso hablamos de Volaris, pero puede pasar […]

Karma is a Bitch

So, I’m finally issuing my driver’s license in Spain, there will be a dedicated post for this soon. In the meantime, it turns out I did my theory exam this morning and results should be published on the Traffic Department’s website like, now. However it seems my karma isn’t done with me yet (I drove a […]

Infrastructure & Innovation

Living in India is just an adventure, everyday is literally a winding road. Today’s image is about a very particular telephone pole: To build, just stick a bamboo on the ground: And voilà: That’s called innovation! Don’t miss my other articles on my living and working experience in India.

Security Checks in India

As per historic terrorists events in India  security has increased over the years. Measures have brought though , if figures are real, positive results. However for an average western it could still be a bit shocking to see security checks in normal day to day activities, like when you go… To the supermarket To the […]

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