First Impressions of Thailand

Thailand was the first time I went out of India in almost eight months.

It’s good to know I’m actually alive… here are a few things I have noticed so far in order of appearance:

1. Exchange rates

The spread (but/sell difference) between USD and other strong currencies is proportionally low in respect to Thailand’s currency.  (USD average 28 baths per dollar buy, 31 Sell). But Bath in respect to India Rupee is quite high (they buy the INR very cheap and sell very high, 0.40 – 0.70). This talks about India’s currency instability/volatility,  proof that being an increasing consumer/spender not necessarily implies having a strong currency.

2. Infrastructure

Roads, highways, bridges… which allows to people to actually queue, yield, etc. A car actually stopped in the road to let me walk across it. I had almost forgotten that pedestrians have the right over automobiles in the streets.

3. Subway

Sandwiches with roast beef, Bavarian Cream Dunkin Donut with a very decent Espresso… (undeniable proof that God exists and that, despite everything, he loves me)

4. Women

Let’s say Asian women are not my type, but I must say that Thai girls are quite hot. I’m thinking they must be some kind of Asian Latinas (a little more research would be required on this). Men, on the other side, are not that privileged… (no further research required)

5. Agriculture

Agriculture in Thailand accounts for 10% of their GDP, but despite the low contribution to overall output, almost 45% of their population works in this sector.

It’s been only four hours in Bangkok… I’ll keep posting as time and availability of technology allows me…

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  1. I wonder how are you managing to communicate with the people. I hope you are not basing your judgement on trying to exchange currency at the airport. 🙂 And don’t forget to visit sukhumvit road thats where all the pubs are…;)

    • Daniela
    • November 11, 2011

    I have been in India for some time now too, and I am a Latin American too, so I kind of understand every point you are trying to make…

    Hope you are enjoying Thailand!

    Que disfrutes de la bocanada de aire fresco que resulta necesaria al vivir en India… Cheers!

    1. Daniela en q parte de India vives?
      pd/ gracias por leer y postear!

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