Karma is a Bitch

So, I’m finally issuing my driver’s license in Spain, there will be a dedicated post for this soon. In the meantime, it turns out I did my theory exam this morning and results should be published on the Traffic Department’s website like, now.

However it seems my karma isn’t done with me yet (I drove a scooter in India with no license for a year and I guess I’m paying my dues), because  the site is only displaying year of birth up to 2006 and I’m a bit older than that. So I can’t check my results.


And yes, I’m desperate to find out. I forced refreshed the page, updated and checked different browsers. I also called three different offices for the driving school but it seems it’s really a tech bug because everyone would be calling in to ask.

Shoot me in the nuts… in the meantime I’m off to a relaxing weekend retreat near Madrid. Arrivederci!


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