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Things are moving fast nowadays, even though I have been working a lot from home lately I needed to take a break, but a real break, like mentally. Things happen for a reason, right?

Well, it happened that one of my best friends emailed me a link to promote a vegetarian farm/guest house he runs with his girlfriend in the outskirts of Belgrade, which couldn’t come in a better time for me to literally switch off from routine for a weekend. I decided not to simply snoop around our write a fake review but actually going, so I just jumped in the next plane to Serbia.

The story of my friend is indeed interesting, since he has dropped the traditional way of living after a couple of trips to India. What I mean is a job, salary, and other stuff that we consider “normal” and “necessary”, while it really isn’t. So the positivism, energy and spirituality flowing around during my staying in this place were actually what I was looking for and helped me put some thoughts in place before moving forward with the next steps in my life.

I even had the chance to eat vegetarian food for a few days, even though where I come from in Mexico is really a meat and heavy food oriented diet, but certainly as an experience it is great to open yourself to it and I perhaps consider taking a few habits and apply them every now and then.

Eating healthy and respecting your body is indeed important. I had a couple of thoughts about the non sense of taking our cars or scooters for maintenance, but yet we fail to see and address what our bodies are demanding, which is just a little attention and a time for relaxing once in a while.


At some point we even had a tea made out of a fruit that was hand picked from the hills of Bosnia by my friend himself, I don’t have to mention how it was to enjoy a cup of delicious tea while looking at the pictures of those beautiful green hills.

The last day before coming we had a massage given by a chiropractor who gave me some good insights about my posture, relaxing exercises and how to listen to your body by understanding how stress and urgency gets reflected in our organs, so the trick is to listen timely before you crash with stress and unnecessary self inflicted pain.

chai, tea

Overall the message I can take out of this experience is to give more attention to ourselves and put aside some proper time and care to be in peace mentally and physically. And by the way, Belgrade is an amazing city I will have to write about it separately since my staying at Magic Beans Resort required a dedicated post!

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    • Farias
    • February 26, 2014

    I do need a break like that…

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