Oktoberfest 2016, this was actually the third time I attended this event. If there is anything I can say about it is that you’ll get surprised how it can be a new adventure every time.


The first time I went I was living in Milan doing my MBA. We organized with a few friends to drive 8 hours in a Fiat Panda and planning to sleep in it (we were poor students, no one cared about logistics).

One of my friends ,though, had organized through a social network (unknown to me at the time) called Couchsurfing. He said he was talking to a girl that would allow one or two of us to sleep in her couch. That sounded crazy, although afterwards I became a regular user hosting and being hosted with great experiences. When we finally arrived to Munich we met this girl at an electro bar, she ended up taking all of us five unknown guys at her place. Thank you Internet!

And so, this third time I went I was able to catch up with her as we became friends, she even came to visit us when we were still studying in Milan. This is the story of how I met Tina.


Traveling with locals has always its plus. For us it meant doing a small pre party before getting into the tens to get, well, drunk. Her friends had been partying for a day or two already, so they were a little ahead already on green fairy.


Funny anecdote of one of the friends who went a bit crazy and watered all the place with the shower hose.


After a few drinks we went on walking to Oktoberfest…




Some other friends from Madrid were there as well…


And for the first time I witnessed an accident, seemed like someone had way too much beer 🙁




If you ever have the chance of going to Oktoberfest, don’t think it twice, you’ll not regret it.



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