Terrorism in India and the Drug “War” in Mexico

I was looking today at a timeline of casualties from terrorist attacks in India since March 12, 1993 till the latest one outside the High Court at New Delhi today. Due to the situation in Mexico with the drug cartel’s war, I developed a bad habit of  comparing this kind of unfortunate events in order to help me dimension the magnitude of the problem in my country. So I added up some numbers and they look like this:

Sadly, the number of people is way far more in Mexico in four years than in India over a time span of 18 years. One can correctly argue that the people counted as casualties are very different, and they are. Why? because (hopefully) the numbers we see about Mexico are really criminals involved in the cartel’s war, while the victims in India seem apparently to be civilians. But unfortunately over the last weeks in Mx there have been cases of shootings outside soccer stadiums and the most noticeable case of a cartel setting in fire a casino in Monterrey killing over 52 innocents.

In any way, violence is never welcomed and I continue to think that this is a hopeless sick sad little world we live in…





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  1. Miarlo!!! =) super interesante tu comparación, malo para nosotros que vivimos aquí!!

    Y sabes que estaría muy interesante comparar, la cantidad de habitantes en cada uno, así sacas el porcentaje de muertes por población!!!!
    Imaginate enorme en México!!!
    BTW, guapo pusiste en la fecha para México, december, en lugarts de september!! jojojojo

    1. eh le puse Dec pq es el dato q tiene publicado Wikipedia mas actualizado! y como pongo directamente la fuente no le puedo alterar la info.

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