Weekend getaway in Alibag: A great escape from Mumbai

Mumbai is the largest agglomeration in India and one of the Top Ten most populous city in the world. Alibag is a great escape plan for a weekend.

Traffic, noise, chaos and pollution are enough to justify a get away weekend for Mumbaikars. This weekend was the turn for Alibag, which is 90km away from Mumbai.

Distances in India though are not correlated to time or viceversa, so it can take you up to four hours to drive this distance (one way) depending on traffic, roads and other events like cars breaking in the middle of the way. It’s critical in India to make sure your weekend is relaxing enough to drive you through patiently on the way back home. Here’s me trying…

2015-08-16 11.30.42
Around the corned of Mango Beach House where we stayed
2015-08-16 11.32.05
Half constructed (or destructed) house Alibag
2015-08-16 11.32.51
The car broke, so our driver had to borrow some battery cables from an abandoned truck nearby the hotel
2015-08-16 11.43.17
Children waiting for the bus
2015-08-16 11.46.47
2015-08-16 11.55.35
Woman carrying stuff
2015-08-16 11.56.49
Oxen chilling out on a Sunday morning
2015-08-16 12.02.49
A fishermen beach we came across with on the way from Kihim to Alibaug
2015-08-16 12.10.06
Sunday traffic
2015-08-16 12.21.51
Guys hanging out safely
2015-08-16 12.49.36
Alibag Beach
2015-08-16 12.50.45
Cow posing for a photo
2015-08-16 12.48.39
It’s common in India that women get into water dressing saree and men wearing pants and shirts
2015-08-16 12.53.18
Enjoying the view
2015-08-16 13.03.30
2015-08-16 13.02.04
2015-08-16 13.05.43
Mysterious man
2015-08-16 15.25.06
Local handcrafts
2015-08-16 15.00.39
Monkeys getting disturbed by people taking pics at them
2015-08-16 13.58.56
Fire extinguishers, a very common scene in India. Although I’m not quite sure about their effectiveness in case of real fire
2015-08-16 13.50.47
Very nice view of a dam, although the scene around is not so clean and quiet as this postcard
2015-08-16 13.50.44
2015-08-16 13.44.56
People getting refreshed on the other side of the dam
2015-08-16 13.20.57
2015-08-16 13.19.01
A common scene in India, garbage cans are mostly an adornment
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