What to eat and see during a weekend in Puebla

Most can recall the city of Puebla for a quite mainstream event in Mexican history, Cinco de Mayo, commemorating the victory of the Battle of Puebla over the French troops in 1862.

The victory though was short lasted as the French ultimately defeated the Mexican army, captured Mexico City, and installed Emperor Maximilian I as ruler of Mexico. Short historic note aside, we had a long weekend in Mexico for which we decided to make a short trip from Mexico City to this beautiful colonial city. Here are a few tips for sightseeing, eating and touring in Puebla.

First things first, we took on a friend’s advice to visit a very famous restaurant El Mural de los Poblanos, famous for many things among which the credit of serving the first chiles en nogada, a very tipical dish from the area.

El Mural de los Poblanos

I went though for a more breakfast-ish dish, huevos cazuela

huevos cazuela, mural de los poblanos

Second things next, downtown walk around Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral…

BusTram, costs like $30 pesos to ride (around $1,50usd)…

Right after, we headed straight to the International Museum of the Barroque, famous for its design by Japanese architect Toyoo Itō.

Barroque Museum Puebla

View of an artificial lake and break area inside the museum…

Muckup of downtown Puebla…

Muckup of downtown Puebla, Barroque Museum

Coat of Arms…

Coat of Arms Puebla

Next stop was back to downtown to Museo Amparo, another very beautiful and modern museum famous also for its terrace…

view of Puebla's cathedral from Museo Amparo terrace

An 19th century collection…

Next stop was lunch at Mercado “El Carmen” where we enjoyed a kind of overstuffed panino called Cemita Poblana…

preparation of semitas poblanas in Puebla

picture of a semita, typical sandwich in Puebla, México

Next stop was another recommended terrace, this time of another famous and fancy hotel called La Purificadora

View of San Francisco Gardens from the terrace…

San Francisco Gardens in Puebla

San Francisco Gardens

And finally a walk around before driving back to Mexico City…


For more information of all what the city and State of Puebla has to offer please visit:

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