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Best Tapas and Pinchos Bars in Aranda de Duero

Best places for eating amazing tapas and pinchos in Aranda? Here are my favorites.

Aranda de Duero is the capital of the famous Ribera de Duero wine region and a perfect location for a get away for a tapas, pinchos and wine weekeend near Madrid. The trick is to stay in a hotel within the historic downtown to spend a nice weekend of wine and food.

In my opinion is totally worth the day (or two) and, even though the city is small, it compares to the quality of food you’ll find in other cities famous for tapas like Salamanca.

El Tío Juanillo Gastrotaberna

El Tío Juanillo Gastrotaberna

This place is famous for their “tostas” with a wide range of options. My advice is go easy on them, and share if you can, since you’ll fine much more tapas around Aranda.

Tostas el Tío Juanillo Gastrotaberna

El Lagar De Isilla

For starters, you MUST have torreznos in this place, although the list is endless since anything you pick would be absolutely amazing!

This is why you’ll be safe getting a surtido de pinchos. My take: Don’t miss the pincho de merluza con patata.  

On an important side note, this place has underground caves that you can actually ask them to turn the lights for you to take a look. Just watch your step!

We chose El Lagar De Isilla also for dinner on our first night to eat lechazo. Make sure to book in advance, even before your trip or during the afternoon the latest.

Casa Florencio

Cheers to the nth

This place is an ode to tapas, you might was well pick with your eyes closed.

My take, don’t miss fois con compota de manzana.

This place is certainly a top pick if you want to plan for dinner. You will have an outstanding lechazo, which is lamb and is one of the most important dishes of the cuisine of the province of Burgos.

Bar Santamaría

Our next stop is definitively my best pick for tapas in Aranda. This bar serves one of the most amazing oreja I’ve ever had in Spain.

You shouldn’t miss either asking for a marianito which is either vermut or beer in a tiny glass. This comes perfect for warm days to keep your drink cold.

Hope you enjoyed the tips and have fun in Aranda. An of course drink responsibly!

Where to stay in Aranda de Duero?

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