Between washing machines, trains and dirty clothes…

What if trains had laundry service integrated? This really sounds stupid, so I will provide some more details to make a point… Today I woke up very worried because I had such a strange dream that I had taken a train that had some token washing machines on board, so I sayed why not?… Don’t know exactly how I came to the point of actually carrying my dirty clothes to the train, but it’s a dream. Anyway, at some point I was arriving to my destination and my clothes weren’t ready so I had to take the decision of leaving them behind (for some reason whatever I had to do was more important than having clothes to wear on the next days). So the dream didn’t showed what important thing I had to do and I skipped all the way to where I was in the central train station, or whatever, claiming my lost items. A VERY nice gentleman (and let me make stress this point because, I’m sorry, but Italian public servers, bank staff, cashiers at supermarkets and even waiters at restaurants can be REAL ASSHOLES when it comes to the poorest levels of customer service I have ever seen), so this nice gentleman guided me to where the train was and there I was looking into the washing machines to surprisingly find that my clothes where not there. Suddenly there were some other people right behind me with a garbage bag laughing at me because they had made a joke by hiding my stuff. Anyway, the dream is stupid, but the interesting point is that sometimes in life you take decisions that make you leave things behind for the matter of reaching something bigger or more important. Sometimes if we are lucky we will have time to come back and pick the pieces, but what is life anyway, if not a cocktail of decisions we take every day, every second?… whatever choices we have made had taken us to where we are. Is the right here, the right now what matters, and this is how we should judge our actions, because what is done is done and we should never regret it… I know its hard, but one shoud always be ready t make tough decisions of leaving our dirty clothes behind or sticking to them to see what is waiting for us in the next station…

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    • Anonymous
    • January 5, 2011

    Wow! Great dream interpretation!

    • shweta
    • May 1, 2011

    good one…

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