Politecnico di Milano Artwork by Mariano Rigotti

Mariano Rigotti, a very good friend of mine made this masterpiece that comprises the year in our MBA program in Italy. He gave me the honor of writing a brief for it, so here is an image of the piece for everyone to enjoy…

mariano rigotti politecnico di milano artwork

“Through a series of meaningful, brilliant and beautiful traces of his characteristic style, Mariano Rigotti  reaches an impressive accomplishment of bringing into his masterpiece an infinite number of emotions emerging from 50 hearts, from 20 different countries in the world.

The work embraces and represents the spirit of students in a very particular, perhaps subliminal, flow of activities, symbols, personalities, hobbies and even secrets revealed in a year and a half that became an opportunity for introspection, reflection and maturity that shaped the overall result of his work.

With inspiration arising from a team and friendship spirit, one should praise the ability of the artist to solidly express this genius mixture, provided an environment of heavy contrasts in such a culturally and socially divided city like Milano.

Like great masterpieces, the ultimate answer, explanation or interpretation of the artist’s work is given to the beholder that would certainly see reflected a part of themselves among the stories, that yet iconic represented, still manage to balance and merge in a subtlety hallucinating surrealism that leads to the inevitable and unanswerable question of what our lives in the future will become…”

Ernst Kappa

May, 2010

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