propaganda cuba panorámicos

Pictures of Propaganda in Cuba

I’ve had cultural clashes and experiences of all kinds, but seeing propaganda displayed like Coca-Cola advertisements really shook me off.

This post portraits in images perhaps the most shocking experience I had in my travel years which happened during my trip to Cuba.

Here are a few snapshots during our roadtrip across Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Viñales and Varadero:

Run away Batista... Museo de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba
Run away Batista… Museo de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba


"Craddle and slab of remarkable patriots" . Cuban highway
“Craddle and slab of remarkable patriots”


"... for a peaceful tourism, health and safety" - Fidel among us, cuban highway
“… for a peaceful tourism, health and safety” – Fidel among us


propaganda in cuban highways
Commitment, Unity


propaganda in cuban highways
Hard-working town, Revolutionary and Cult… Matanzas, Cuba


Our duty is to win


propaganda in cuban highways
Fidel, faithful to your example


Cuba against the embargo


propaganda in cuban highways
(Snap of a Che Guevara’s billboard)


propaganda in cuban highways
“A better world is possible…” – Fidel


“The people make revolutions, people from Cienfuegos are firm, no doubts…” – Fidel


Cuban General Elections 2017-2018… Genuine demonstration of Democracy


Enough reasons to win


Image of the people… (reference to Camilo Cienfuegos, leader of the Cuban Revolution)


For Revolution and Socialism


Fidel forever


propaganda in cuban highways
Production, Efficiency, Quality


Hasta la Victoria Siempre


propaganda in cuban highways
“Only socialism makes possible the impossible…” – Hugo Chavez


propaganda in cuban highways
The people’s revolution is invincible


Finally, a statue of the leaders of the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro (center), Ernesto Guevara (left) and Camilo Cienfuegos (right)… Museo de la Revolución, La Habana, Cuba

Do you have more pictures of propaganda in Cuba that you want to share? Feel free to reach out and I’ll post them crediting the author.

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