Darwin Reloaded: Homosexuals & Overpopulation

How Homosexual Couples Could Solve/Mitigate the World’s Overpopulation Problems:

Well, you know the story on how we got to be 6 billion people in the world. If you believe that population started with Adam and Eve talking to a snake and eating a rotten apple that’s really your problem and is not my point to discuss.

But if every homosexual accepts and lives with the rights that they have or should have like everyone else, maybe they would stop “producing” babies in the closet and perhaps start “consuming” the existing surplus of abandoned/unwanted children in the market (like Angelina Jolie that buys asian children, we should learn someting from her).

So eventually (how and when I don´t know yet), the population could at least reduce its fast unsustainable growing pace.

Oh, and yes, I’m totally in favor of homosexual couples getting married, receiving couple benefits, loans, etc. And for adopting… well, just look what hetero couples raised children had led the world to, they deserve a chance.

I know it sounds crazy, but it makes sense after a couple of beers, perhaps you should try asking Eduardo García Bellata, who requested credit for the first critiques for this theory and he totally has it.

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