Irresistible Marketing: Funny messages in Indian products

I just HAD to buy deodorant at a local supermarket that says:

“You´re charming, you´re naughty, you ´re nice. Your girlfriend loves you and so does her best friend. You enjoy playing games whether it´s on the cricket field or in the corporate arena. Individualistic, you´re an Icon who is irresistible…”

To be fair, the thing is made in the U.S.A, or so says its label… very bad taste, you Americans!

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    • xxx
    • October 17, 2011

    The target customer for that slogan is a very young person of 18-23 (max). BUT you still bought it – so it worked, if you are older then that age such motto can be considered as for someone who is not sure in his possibilities and such slogan can assure him. In India there is Nivea for men and Dove for men which can propose the very good quality.
    CHANEL: “ALLURE HOMME”- l’allure fait homme. Chanel payed 100 000 euros to the US agency (don’t what to mention the name) for that name. BUT slogan didn’t works at all. Hedonism is not the strong men’s point, product supposed to promote the men’s brain and confidence.

  1. Thanks for reading and sharing your comments! =)

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