Taxi Prices at Bangalore’s Airport? Just walk to save!

How much to pay for a taxi? This is when expat tips come handy so you don’t get ripped off.

I realized today that it´s been just the second time I arrive to Bangalore through airport. Since the first time the company taxi picked me I didn´t noticed this… here is a little chart to model the taxi prices from the airport to the city.

Prices might have changed since I lived there, but the proprtions remain the same. The horizontal axis represent the meters you have to walk away from the airport gates (so, towards the parking lot) and the vertical axis is the price (in Rupees) that you will be offered by “indie” taxi drivers…

Zero meters is inside the airport…

Prices at bangalore airport

I´m now wondering how is it in other airpors in America or Europe. In México for sure I know it is like a mafia since normal city taxis cannot pick people from the airport (and maybe not drop either, but I´m not so sure). Only concessioned ones work as prepaid (inside the airport) and thus, normally can be quite expensive.

Anyway, just a little note that I hope it´s helpful in case someone hadn´t noticed, or travels around India by other not so modern transportation means like me…

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