Gifts from India & México: Santa Claus is there!

Indian & Mexican Santa Claus just came into Italy with gifts. The best way to feel a bit at home!

Expat, digital nomad, or whatever its called, I’ve been living in different countries and cities over the last 12 years. One of the best parts is to get gifts from abroad to make you feel a little bit at home.

Such was the case that my Indian colleagues came to Rome and brought some stuff I can’t simply live without like tea and Himalaya products. And what about The Corruption Conundrum by V. Raghunathan


Luckily,  my Mexican friends came also to Rome, and, ladies and gentlemen; Mexican Santa Claus… dinner anyone?!

Here´s a bunch of products I love like chilorio, frijoles, tortillas, mole, and chocolate. 

productos mexicanos, chilorio, frijoles, chorizo, tortillas, chocolate

I’m ready for vacations…


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