Thank you Lady Gaga…

Truth is that I never really kind of liked my name; it sounded always a little old fashioned, like for a 60 year-old guy. I don’t know, however, why I always liked the name Alejandro, I thought it was a good combination of name and last name.

When Lady Gaga’s song ‘Alejandro’ came out, I first tought that if my name had been Alejandro, especially in Europe and maybe in the States… no wait, there are 40 million Mexicans or descendants from Mexicans in the there[i], Alejandro shouldn’t be an exotic name there, so in Europe then…  my credits would have rose for this Latin lover thing. I could never know if this would have happened or not, what I do know is that after listening to this stupid song of this stupid attention whore a million times because they play it everyway you go, I finally got a reason to let go this name that I never had. And on a second thought ‘Ernesto’ doesn’t sound that bad after all, it could be worse.

So after 30 years of trauma for having a name I didn’t liked, all I can say today is THANK YOU LADY GAGA.

Hot like México!


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