Why I think Female Liberalization is an Economic Scam.

This is Not Another Macho Article. I am really worried about the fact that 40-50 years ago people were able to live on one income per family, take care of their children, see them grow, etc. How was the idea of female liberalization used to bring women into the labor work force?

Today unfortunately is not like this, people don’t have time to enjoy their families, money is never enough any more (even with both parents working) and families just can’t make it for a decent household.

In a simple model, imagine that back then the population in employable conditions of was 50% men and 50% women, but only men worked.

Add the fact that more or less during in those times economies like Japan and Germany started to rise after WWII, so America needed to continue expanding their economy to maintain what since I remember has been the largest economy in the world (simply because they had flooded already the system with dollars to finance poor (but rich countries in natural resources to source and profit from), developing and devasatated countries after the war, etc.

So in a way to continue printing dollars growing their economy there COULD HAVE BEEN this liberalization propaganda to bring that other half of population (women) to work, to go to college, to get credit, to buy stuff… to SPEND.

An important clarification is that I am in no way against woman working, I just simply wonder why life has become more complicated, the gap between the rich and the poor widens every time, why today is not enough any more for families to have a decent quality of living.

I really don’t care if its men or woman who works…

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